We brought one of Budapest’s air–raid shelters to life using the medium of Augmented Reality. The bunkAR is a site-specific art installation which enhances real places with virtual elements created by us. To comprehend the art installation, you need to run our application on your smart device. When you point the phone’s camera at the special markers in the space, different virtual contents appear on your displays. The markers here are pictures of code fragments and the virtual space is the sum of the basement’s actual size, sometimes with interpretative content, at other times with fictive elements. Using the available documents, we have reconstructed the 3D model of the basement which we assigned to reality in 1:1 scale. So, on the screen, upon the camera picture’s layer you can see the 3D model of the basement, thus making the walls transparent.

BunkAR app on google play store



Some AT-AT walkers roll on the floor and inside the rest of the basement stands the Apollo Lunar Module.

The underground shelter appears through the walls.

This is the vision of an underground garden exactly in the same form as the air shelter.

Waving route to the shelter room.

The ISS is orbiting around a code fragment.

Use the application at the site of the exhibition