19 May, 7 PM. This privileged instant could be assigned to an exact planetary conjunction of our solar system, as every single moment in our life or in history could be too. But do we think about where we are at the moment in space, and where we are in the universe? Which direction should we turn to find the other planets that moves around our Sun? On the wall in endless printed sheets and fragments we can see the space around us at the time of the exhibition opening.

The planets in our solar system follow each other in increasing circulatory routes. The more farther away from the Sun, the slower circulation speed they have. The installation represent the speed of the planets in proportion to each other, constantly recalling their existence, their lifetime over billions of years.

All the planets of the solar system placed essentially on one plane, the so called equatorial plane. Everything that represents life, the world, and the extensions for us is on this plane. Human being has not left this spatial slice yet. The laser strip continuously indicates its current position, its relative inclination, updated every minute.

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